It’s hard to make a sports movie. So hard, in fact, that good sports movies are rare. You rarely get a Remember The Titans, and Marshawn Lynch‘s biopic Family First, which was announced back in Feburary, definitely wasn’t anywhere near that movie.

The promotional trailer dropped in February, and people assumed that it was a joke. It had every sports movie trope (stern father figure, your family motif, young adult mischief) only with terrible acting, Lynch, and this classic bit of dialogue between him and a kid.

Hey aren’t you Marshawn Lynch?

You gotta tell me somethin’: Is you a reporter?


You sure?


Iight. What’s up? What you got for me?

It was bad and Lynch though so, too. That’s why it’ll never see the light of day.

Rolling Stone‘s story on the troubled and very short history of Family First revealed that Lynch gave $100,000 to longtime family friend Mario Bobino to fund the film. It wasn’t enough and Bobino had to reach for $18,000 in his retirement to keep the production alive.

Lynch’s camp wasn’t impressed by the effort, though. Lynch was upset that the trailer you see above was released without his prior knowledge — and that it was a pretty bad trailer.

“It was the quality. It doesn’t look like some s**t nobody would want their name attached to,” one source from Lynch’s camp said to TMZ.

Lynch holds the rights to the film, and that’s why if he doesn’t like it, no one else will see it. So there’s unreleased comic gold and a broken family friendship.

“It will never be the same between us,” Bobino said. “I think the issue with me and him now is a trust issue. He doesn’t trust me anymore, so that’s why the movie isn’t going to come out. It’s a trust issue with me now because I put out that promo out with his consent.”


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