After their tryst, Lucious promised Cookie he would ditch Anika.  Cookie pitched an idea to make Lucious “immortal,” and the two agreed to produced a legacy documentary and song featuring the entire Lyon family.  Lucious hired Ryan Morgan to shoot the White Party and the legacy documentary.

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After she confronted him, Lucious admitted to Anika that he slept with Cookie in a moment of weakness, and Anika demanded he prove his love for her by marrying her that weekend.  Lucious promised he’d marry her the following weekend, but that they would announce their wedding date in front of Cookie at the White Party.

Andre convinced Rhonda to use her wiles to entice one of the board members to vote for him for CEO.

Hakeem came clean with Cookie as to why he is always so angry with her, and she explained that she loved him and Jamal equally but had had more time to get to know Jamal.

After shooting his confessional, Ryan invited Jamal out for drinks on Saturday.

Andre grossly overestimated how much Rhonda enjoyed their games when he tried to set her up to sleep with a wheelchair-bound board member to secure his votes for the CEO position.

Much to his surprise, Lucious voted against Andre taking the interim CEO position.

Jamal performed his own version of the family song, “You’re So Beautiful,” at the White Party, using it as the perfect opportunity to come out.  The crowd went wild, but Lucious was livid.

Lucious went in on Andre for bringing a white woman into the family.  Andre countered, stating that he was an outcast in the family because he wasn’t musically talented.  Lucious warned him no matter what he believed, white folks would never accept him.

On the heels of Jamal’s revelation, Lucious pulls the plug on the legacy project.


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