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At this point, Dame Dash is a professional jibber jabberer. He’s done more interviews recently about, hmmm, we’re not sure actually, but he’s given some glorious soundbites to laugh at. He recently went on Hip Hop Motivation to clear up some recent comments he made on The Breakfast Club last week, and ended up spurning even more gobbledygook.

Dash rattled off what he thinks a “real man” is and how one should act, and it’s safe to say his theory was confusing and contradictory. From All Hip Hop:

“I was saying if you have a job, you have to pay the bills, but that pays the bills momentarily. So if you have a job, in that moment, you should also be investing in something that you can pass on to your children,” explained Dash. “I said [to The Breakfast Club hosts], ‘I’m not mad at you for having a job. I’m mad at you for having the same job for 25 years.’”

If you’re really into what he has to say, peep the video below.


Okay, Dame. Since that cleared absolutely nothing up, Twitter decided to take a stroll around Dame Dash’s mind, or at least what they think he thinks and cooked up the #TweetLikeDameDash hashtag. Take a look at the best tweets below.

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