It's been nearly 15 years since Aaliyah died in an airplane crash, and her untimely passing is still weighing heavily on Dame Dash.

Dame Dash Talks Jay Z Dame Dash sat down with famed journalist Larry King for what we can only assume will be a “spirited” interview for Larry King Now. The…

” ]   Your favorite band of internet personalities, writers and celebs are back for another hilarious episode of #NoFilter. In the sixth episode, we’re discussing the possibility of Amber Rose and Ray J becoming “a thing,” Aaron Hernandez getting caught by his own surveillance camera, and Jay Z calling Tidal subscribers. Hip-Hop journalist and […]

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It’s not great being Dame Dash right now. The former Roc-A-Fella CEO became Twitter’s laughing stalk thanks to the bizarre idealism he displayed during that Breakfast Club interview. His personal life has also been better. Dash’s ex-wife Rachel Roy has won sole and legal custody over their daughters: 15-year-old and 6-year-old Tallulah. Both sides made disparaging claims against each other. […]


Dame Dash is no stranger to controversy, especially not lately. The famed entrepreneur and hip-hop mogul is now accusing his ex-wife Rachel Roy of being…


Maybe this is a bad omen for future business between Kanye West and Dame Dash? News that the recently patched-up business partners had bought out online clothing retailer Karmaloop might be overshadowed by a lawsuit over another of their collaborative projects. According to TMZ, a New York-based Latin music duo has taken issue with the title of Ye and Dash’s […]

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Old Rocafella buddies Kanye West and Dame Dash have reunited and they have some new business ventures up their Balmain sleeves. Ye and Dame took to Instagram last night, to announce they plan on purchasing the Karmaloop after the streetwear retailer announced it was going bankrupt. Dame posted on his Instagram: Board meeting had […]

At this point, Dame Dash is a professional jibber jabberer. He’s done more interviews recently about, hmmm, we’re not sure actually, but he’s given some glorious soundbites to laugh at. He recently went on Hip Hop Motivation to clear up some recent comments he made on The Breakfast Club last week, and ended up spurning […]


Welp, it looks like things aren’t all good between two of Harlem’s biggest entertainers. Dame Dash and Jim Jones are still at odds with each other. Whether it’s beef with other industry heavyweights or with one of Harlem’s own, neither of these two are strangers to controversy. However, in this social media day and age, “beefs” […]

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Music mogul Dame Dash has certainly matured since his days of pouring champagne on women in videos like “Big Pimpin’.” Dash, who rarely gives interviews, opened up to Hip Hop Motivation’s The Barber Walters about how he’s grown as a man and even apologized for his behavior during his younger years. During a time when […]

Business mogul Dame Dash has been railing against people who have done him dirty in the entertainment business and he’s turned his sights on acclaimed film director Lee Daniels. Dash is suing Daniels for shafting him out of millions of dollars after Dash invested in a number of Lee Daniels’ projects. According to the former […]