Dame Dash/ Rachel Roy

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Dame Dash is no stranger to controversy, especially not lately.

The famed entrepreneur and hip-hop mogul is now accusing his ex-wife Rachel Roy of being a reckless thief.  TMZ  reports:

Jay Z’s ex Roc-a-Fella partner filed docs demanding full custody of 15-year-old Ava and 6-year-old Tallulah — and laid out some terrifying allegations about the girls’ mother Rachel Roy.

In the docs, Dash says Roy threatened his life on several occasions — once by throwing plates at him, and also by pulling a knife on him. He says sometimes the threats came in front of little Tallulah.

Dame also claims he’s been a witness to Roy’s drunk driving and says he’s heard intense arguments between her and their eldest daughter. But that’s not all.

TMZ continues:

Roy’s also one helluva a jewel thief, according to Dash. In the docs, he says she stole 2 diamond chains — worth $10k each — and a suitcase. Not your Samsonite either … it’s a Bottega Veneta worth $5k!

Recently, Roy accused Dame of not being a good parent. This custody battle is getting ugly. We hope they are able to work it out for the sake of the kids.



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