K-Ci Album Listening Party - August 21, 2006

Source: Michael Bezjian / Getty

Over the course of selling millions of albums primarily categorized as Soul/R&B, Jodeci developed a following among Hip-Hop fans. Individually and collectively, the group collaborated with Wu-Tang Clan and Gang Starr, among others. Members of Jodeci also appeared on the Above The Rim Soundtrack, Tupac’s All Eyez On Me, and Tupac’s album recorded under the alias Makaveli. Dalvin and K-Ci recalled the pairing during an appearance on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club.”

“We did the ‘Toss It Up’ video the day before he got shot,” K-Ci said. “He asked me, ‘Yo K man, go to Vegas with me.’ I’m glad I didn’t go. ‘Pac was real, he was real with us, and he loved his craft.”

That trip to Vegas turned fatal, as Tupac was fatally shot while in a car with Suge Knight on the Las Vegas strip. He died six days later, and roughly seven weeks after his death the Makaveli album featuring “Toss It Up” was posthumously released.

Dalvin added that despite working under Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs at Uptown/MCA, Jodeci’s bond with Suge Knight and Death Row did not drag them into the sensationalized feud between Bad Boy and Death Row.

“[DeVante] met Suge Knight,” Davin added. “As they talked, they just noticed things wasn’t right with Uptown. He wanted to do some stuff with Death Row artists, so he wanted to come in and help fix the situation.”

The entire interview, which also touches on Jodeci’s new album and their work with Wu-Tang Clan can be viewed below.

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