Hot 1079 Birthday Bash

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

A Tallahassee, Florida concert was marred by violence Friday night when Plies had his performance interrupted by a fan he invited on the stage. What initially appeared to be a friendly gesture got physical after Plies warned the unnamed, male fan he was too close. The man then gripped Plies by the waist and threw him into the crowd. TMZ reports venue security then escorted the irate fan from the premises, and Plies hopped back on stage and kept performing. A series of smaller fights broke out among those in attendance.

Based on Plies’ touring schedule, the show was most likely at Club Coliseum in Tallahassee, Florida. A bruised and battered man closely resembling the person who slammed Plies began uploading profanity-laced YouTube videos after the incident.

“I went viral, bruh,” the alleged assaulter boasted. “I went viral just for droppin’ your a** tonight…your security did my damage.”

You can view both videos below.