Nas proclaimed on last year’s “The Season” that it was “the season of Nasir.”  That season is coming in a few months.

The street poet announced that his 12th studio album was dropping during the summer as he was preached mantras during a concert in Orlando.

“Right muthef**kin’ now, death to all snitches,” Nas said. “Watch every n***a around you my n****s ‘cuz shit is real out here. 2015, new album this summer.”

Should snitches be at the top of a 41-year-old’s list of concerns? Debatable. But new Nas is a reason to be excited.

Not every Nas album is good, but if you’re trying to be optimistic, there’s been a trend when it comes to his studio albums. His strongest efforts come in twos: Illmatic and It Was Written, and Ilmatic and God’s SonLife Is Good was great, so Nas’s next could have the summer on smash — or at least be better than that song.

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