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Diddy is taking his relationship with Cassie to the next level, but it’s not what you think. His latest ad for his Sean John fragrance, 3:AM, was just banned for its overt sexiness.

Because it’s a cologne ad, and those never make sense, we see Diddy and Cassie running from room to room looking for who knows what while Cassie is naked. And then there’s more running! And breaking dishes! And face licking! And sex! Oh, boy. Diddy and Cassie are giving Kanye and Kim Kardashian a run for their money in who can be most self-indulgent with their mate, but I digress.

From Page Six:

“The full-length version includes such provocative images that retailers were concerned about young customers seeing [them],” said an insider.

“The required edits almost delayed the [fragrance] launch,” the source continued. “In an attempt to bypass the censors, Combs tried to get the commercial [out on cable channels], but it was still deemed too racy” by the networks.

We’re told Combs agreed to recut the risqué sequences to get approval from Macy’s execs to run the ad in its stores, and the changes then threatened to delay his 3AM launch this week.

So we’ll have to wait and see what the new ad will actually look like. Considering it’s Diddy, there’s no doubt that it will still be entertaining no matter what.


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