Beyonce Performs at The Staples Center

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Every once in a while, you find yourself in an internet rabbit hole that you can’t quite climb out of, and that’s how we came across the YouTube account, Run For the Cube.

He (or she, because we’re really not sure yet) is a self-described “unprofessionally trained Pronunciation & Linguistics expert in the English language,” and, boy, does it show. The videos are extremely funny and silly, because, really, how does one not know how to pronounce Charlie?

But the real laughter came when he pronounced the great Beyonce Knowles-Carter name, and got it completely wrong (but that’s the point). It was just funny to hear the one person on Earth who allegedly can’t say her name, say her name.


And for your added pleasure, here’s Run For the Cube covering on of Queen Bey’s biggest hits, “Single Ladies.”




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