Iman Crosson, known as Alphacat, is loved on the internet for his comical impressions of President Barack Obama. The comedian's latest parody features him impersonating POTUS and performing a spin on Drake's Meek Mill-diss track, "Back to Back."

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  This is exactly what the world needs. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or just don’t go on social media, you should be very familiar with the hilarious meme video “Why You Always Lying,” set to the tune of Next’s “Too Close.” The six-second Vine video mocks accusatory spouses who are dead-set on […]

Every once in a while, you find yourself in an internet rabbit hole that you can’t quite climb out of, and that’s how we came across the YouTube account, Run For the Cube. He (or she, because we’re really not sure yet) is a self-described “unprofessionally trained Pronunciation & Linguistics expert in the English language,” and, […]

One of the best parts about the “Love and Hip Hop” franchises are the parodies that come out. Whether it is live action or cartoon, the impressions are SPOT on, and this one from World Star Hip Hop for “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” isn’t any different. From Omarion’s interesting relationship with his mother to Hazel-E’s launch […]


Last night SNL brought in Kerry Washington to save them from themselves and from the comments Keenan Thompson made previously about black women comedians not being ready to be on SNL. While the reviews are mixed as to the show itself everyone pretty much agreed that the spoof on “What Does The Fox Say” was good. […]

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  Oh man! In a crazy parody of Kanye’s “I Am A God” Jay Pharoah takes it there with his crazy video called “I Am A Dog”! Thanks to DJ’s Doing Work, we’ve got it for you! Check it out below!     If this is what Jay’s doing now, then we can’t wait  to […]

Quentin Tarantino has established himself as the master of the revenge fantasy movie genre. From “Django Unchained” to “Kill Bill”  the provocative director has proven that getting back at your enemies is a dessert best served cold and bloody. WATCH: Tarantino Unchained: Watch Every N- Bomb He’s Ever Directed [VIDEO] When  “Django Unchained” star Christopher […]


“Scandal” is TV’s hottest property and all eyes are on lead actress Kerry Washington.  Thursday nights, over  8 million viewers tune in for their weekly fix of sex, intrigue and political hijinks on this too hot for prime time sudser. READ:  Who’s The Baddest Gladiator: Olivia Pope or “Archer’s” Lana Kane? [OPINION} Olivia Pope is […]

After Brian McKnight  pole-vaulted back into relevance with his hilarious Ratchet & Blues parody, “If You’re Ready To Learn,” we could think of only one other Brian with the cojones to pull something like this off. Where To Get A Trim: Men’s Locker Room Since we were up until 3 a.m with the rest of […]

A new movie trailer for the hip-hop mockumentary movie “Monkey Gang” has been released by Chicken And Beef. The last trailer set the internet on fire on sites such as WorldStarHipHop and TheUrbanDaily with its parody of modern day hip-hop. The movie is scheduled to start screening this summer. Check Out These Joints Too “Monkey […]

After the success of the trailer for the upcoming “Monkey Gang” mockumentary trailer, the fictitious group has released a video for their song “Sell More Crack Than You.” For more information on the Monkey Gang, go to or The movie is scheduled to come out this summer. Check Out These Joints Too “Monkey […]