Donald Trump will have to come harder than ever now that a President Obama impersonator is taking shots at him.

Iman Crosson, known as Alphacat, is loved on the internet for his comical impressions of President Barack Obama. The comedian’s latest parody features him impersonating POTUS and performing a spin on Drake’s Meek Mill-diss track, “Back to Back.”

The parody was inspired by Trump’s comments on Fox News in July. After he was critiqued by Obama for questioning whether John McCain was a war hero, the Republican presidential candidate called Obama the worst president in the history of the country. In the parody, “Obama” rips Trump with lines like, “You’re gonna make me buy bottles for John McCain,” while riding an Oxboard with his Secret Service team. He also reminds listeners about his two term wins and predicts Hillary Clinton will blow Trump away in the race.


The laughs didn’t stop there. There were plenty of jabs at Trump’s latest controversies, like his comments on Mexican immigrants, Univision failing to air his Miss USA Pageant, and how he was fired from his own show, The Apprentice.

Alphacat has gotten plenty of praise for his hilarious parody. We’re not sure Obama has seen the video, but the president has met with Alphacat in the past. During his initiative last year, Obama invited the comedian and other YouTube stars to help encourage young people to sign up.

Check out the skit above.




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