Bullet shooting out from gun

Source: Colin Anderson / Getty

Police department headquarters in Dallas, Texas were the target of a shooting early this morning when a gunman opened fire, striking several windows and squad cars according to CNN.

The man then retreated to a van in a nearby restaurant parking lot where police cornered him in a standoff that lasted for hours as negotiations were attempted to get the gunman to surrender. During negotiation attempts, the suspected reportedly told police that he was upset with them because they took away his child and labeled him a terrorist. He then threatened to blow them up and apparently kept good on his attempt, as at least two pipe bombs were found outside police headquarters immediately following the shooting.

One of the devices exploded as a bomb squad attempted to disable it, while the bomb squad was eventually able to detonate the second device.

SWAT team snipers fired through the windshield of the suspect’s van, which he told police was rigged with explosives, after negotiation attempts were unsuccessful. Police are currently investigating to determine whether or not the shots fired at the suspect were fatal.

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