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DJ Mustard recently passed comment on the shooting of his long-time collaborator and friend YG, who was shot in an L.A.-based recording studio during the early hours of June 12.

“Yeah, I couldn’t believe it,” DJ Mustard said during an interview with MTV News on the red carpet at this past Sunday’s BET Music Awards. “Sh-t happens. You know what I’m saying? You just never know what and where it came from. Who knows? But as long as God know. He good and he’s back functioning how he is. He’s blessed. So, it’s cool.”

DJ Mustard also revealed that he was informed of the shooting through a friend.

“[YG] didn’t tell me,” he says. “One of my other homies called me and told me. And we all went to the hospital, waited outside for him and stuff like that. He was good. So, it was straight… I didn’t go [into the hospital] because it was family, his moms and stuff like that. But all our homies was outside.

“Sh-t happens,” he continued. “We came from that. Not saying we all got shot. But we came from that and luckily he made it out of it and it was cool.”

YG spoke out about the shooting for the first time during a recent interview with Billboard. To check out what he said, click here.

DJ Mustard’s interview with MTV News can be viewed below:

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