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Despite the news of Bill Cosby admitting to drugging a woman who accused him of rape during a 2005 lawsuit, Whoopi Goldberg and Raven-Symone still uphold Cosby’s innocence until the court finds him guilty.

Goldberg aired out her beliefs in today’s episode of The View and said:

“I’m sorry the ‘80s, they weren’t fun for everybody, clearly. I think it is again, we’ll see what happens as more information comes out. I don’t like snap judgments because I’ve had snap judgments made on me so I’m very very careful. Save your texts, save your nasty comments, I don’t care. And I say this because this is my opinion and in America, still, I know it’s a shock, we’re actually innocent until proven guilty. He has not been proven.”

I’m baffled that Goldberg is still holding this stance on all this, as the alleged rapist himself has come out admitting that he gave the woman the quaalude with the intention of trying to have sex with her. More than that, I’m horrified by people enthusiastically clapping in the audience at what she had to say.


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Not only that, The View‘s newcomer Raven-Symone, echoed Goldberg’s sentiments:

“The only reason Mr. Cosby settled was because it would have been embarrassing in those days to put all those women on the stand and his family had no clue. That would have been very hurtful.”


The issue here isn’t the fact that the court of law hasn’t held Cosby accountable for the alleged rapes yet. The issue is that Cosby has admitted to drugging women to have sex with them against their will (whether or not the courts decide to convict him) and that people continue to be in denial about what this man has said and done.

Goldberg can plug her ears and sing “na-na na-na boo-boo” all she wants but according to Ari Melber, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent and co-host of “The Cycle,” Cosby’s admission in court could be enough for private lawyers to go forward with more civil lawsuits. In an segment on the TODAY Show, Melber said:

“Legally, this is what they call ‘an admission against interest.’ Here is Bill Cosby saying that part of the fact pattern that has always been in dispute and alleged is in fact true…”

Melber goes on to explain that if Cosby continued to answer the plaintiff’s attorney on whether he had offered the quaalude without the women’s knowledge, it could have been an admission of rape. That statement would have supported the notion that he was incapacitating people to sleep with them.

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