Tonight, the folks over at VH1 decided to throw a a curve ball and air a new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode one day early. Given all that went down on tonight’s show, we’d have to say that they picked a fine time.

Rasheeda & Erica ran all up in Ashely’s hotel room with the fury of fed up women everywhere, Bambi got Scrappy to finally make peace with Erica, and Tami aka Mrs. Flocks Flame reminded us all why she’s not one to toy with no matter how cute & cuddly she appears.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this week’s LHHATL recap.

Rasheeda & Kirk

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Hair pulled back and boots on deck, Rasheeda and Erica arrive at Ashley’s hotel room to confront her after she answered the phone when Rasheeda called “Kirk’s” room to check up on him. As a nearly-hysterical Ashley opens the door, the ladies are startled to find her spending quality time with Jamie, her girlfriend of 2 years After Ashley convinces them that she’s not interested in Kirk while they complete their scan of the room to see if he’s inside, they leave.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Mimi Faust Birthday Celebration

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Later, Rasheeda visits Kirk in his room after Ashley gives her the correct room number. Kirk is just as surprised to see Rasheeda as Ashley was, but finds much humor in the fact that Rasheeda came to the hotel after incorrectly suspecting that the room phone Ashley answered was actually his. When Rasheeda questions why he didn’t just tell her that Ashley has a girlfriend initially, he says he didn’t find out until Ashley’s girlfriend showed up at the hotel. Despite the drama, Kirk says he finds it “sexy” that Rasheeda would come to the hotel ready to fight for him if necessary. He reassures her that no “ThotBots” were running around his hotel and pleads with her to stay the night.

Scrappy and Bambi

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Scrappy surprises Bambi with a key to his home and asks her to move in with him. She is happy about his proposition, but says she’ll only accept on the condition that he makes peace with Erica about their child support issues.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Press Reception

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Scrappy visits Erica at her house to end their ongoing child support feud. Erica says she’s surprised to see Scrappy given that they’re barely on speaking terms. Scrappy tells Erica that feels blessed to have their daughter Emani and would like to draw up child support papers with terms that they can agree on as soon as possible if it will help make his daughter’s life better. Erica is relived that Scrappy finally seems to be seeing things her way, but he fails to tell her that she really has Bambi to thank for him turning over a new leaf.

ASCAP Rhythm And Soul Presents Women Behind The Music, ATL Edition

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Kaleena visits Deb Antney at her home to get a better idea of what she can do for her as a manager. Deb is uneasy about moving forward as Kaleena’s manager after learning that Kaleena’s husband Tony doesn’t approve, but Kaleena insists that Tony won’t be a problem. Deb becomes even more skeptical of working with Kaleena after Kaleena tells Deb that the opportunity to manage her should be seen as a privilege. Kaleena’s  continues to rub Deb the wrong way, as Deb finds her disposition arrogant given the rumors that she’s hear about Kaleena’s allegedly deteriorating financial situation. After Deb suggests that she’d be getting “a bag of garbage” by taking Kaleena on as a client, Kaleena questions Deb on the last thing that she’s done. Deb then reminds Kaleena that she was the one who reached out in need of managerial help and ultimately puts her out of her house.

Screening of Universal Pictures' LUCY Hosted By Kandi Burruss

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Rasheeda agrees to supervise Ashley on the set of a new photo shoot at Kirk’s request. While there, she apologizes for wrongfully suspecting Ashley of sleeping with Kirk. While Rasheeda is quick to clarify that she and Ashley won’t likely be friends anytime soon, she says she’d like to help Ashley further her career as an artist on their label. Ashley opens up to Rasheeda about losing her mother to suicide before admitting that she has never has a female figure in her life that she can look up to and would like for Rasheeda to be that person.

Mimi Faust

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Mimi brings Jessica Dime to meet with super producer Jermaine Dupri. He listens to one of her songs and describes it as “stripper fight music,” but says he thinks it has potential to thrive as a good introduction for Jessica Dime. He suggests that she work on being able to also perform her music rather that just having it sound good. Jessica is elated with JD’s positive feedback and in turn agrees to look over Mimi’s management contract to seriously consider singing with MF management.

TRivera Fall 2014 Collection Debut

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Kaleena tells Rasheeda about her fallout with Deb when the ladies meet up at Tony’s club. Their conversation comes to a halt when Tami walks in and instantly begins questioning Kaleena about what happened with Deb. Kaleena is taken aback by Tami’s line of questioning and insinuates that it’s none of Tami’s business. Tami says she’s only inquiring about the conversation because Deb is her mother-in-law, so she feels obligated to get to the bottom of what led to the “disrespect” from Kaleena. Kaleena reluctantly explains her side of the story to Tami, insisting that she asked Deb questions that she’d ask any potential manager. The ladies continue discussing the situation relatively calmly until Kaleena again states that she doesn’t feel it’s a conversation she has to have with Tami. Things quickly escalate from there, with Tami hurling a few subtle insults at Kaleena and the episode ends with Rasheeda jumping in between the two ladies to keep them from fighting.


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