Love & Hip Hop Takeover

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Nearly everybody on this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was ready to start a war in one way or another.

Momma Dee thinks she can have her wedding cake and eat it too, Joseline is intent on pushing her career forward without Stevie J and Jessica Dime dishes out the ultimate disrespect to a very unsuspecting Mimi. The only one who seemed to be about keeping the peace this time around, surprisingly, was Kirk.

Sound backwards? Allow us to explain. Here’s this week’s LHHATL recap.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Mimi Faust Birthday Celebration

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Kirk surprises an ecstatic Rasheeda with a lavish office space for her new store and gives her free reign on the budget for the grand opening event. While she says it doesn’t make up for all he has put her through, she admits that it’s a great start.

Scrappy visits his sister Jasmine at the barbershop and is shocked to hear that Ernest and Momma Dee are planning to wed soon. Jasmine reiterates her concerns about Momma Dee and Ernest moving too fast with the relationship and before also telling Scrappy how Momma Dee has asked both Bambi and Erica to be bridesmaids. Scrappy and Jasmine both agree that they don’t think Momma Dee’s shotgun marriage to Ernest will last long and Jasmine recommends that Scrappy try talking some sense into their mother.

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Scrappy later talks to Bambi about Momma Dee’s fast approaching wedding plans and asks her why she didn’t tell him that she and Erica were both asked to be bridesmaids. Bambi says that she’s learned not to discuss Erica with Scrappy when they are feuding over custody issues because it causes trouble in their relationship. Momma Dee walks in as they are talking and Scrappy tells her that he is in agreement with his sister’s feelings that she and Ernest are moving too fast. Despite Momma Dee pleading with Scrappy to walk her down the aisle no matter what, Scrappy maintains that he will not be in attendance if Erica has anything to do with the wedding.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Take Over Hosted By Stevie J & Joseline, Scrappy & Bambi

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Joseline meets with a group of industry promoters who offer her the opportunity to perform at an LGBT charity event benefitting an organization that provides resources for crisis and suicide prevention. Joseline tells them about her own difficult childhood in Puetro Rico, revealing that her family was not accepting of her being openly bisexual. She begins to tear up as she admits that although she’s never been suicidal over struggles relating to her sexuality, she acknowledges that there are many people in the LGBT community who do struggle with suicidal thoughts and would therefore greatly benefit from hearing her story of being able to overcome it all and live her dreams of becoming a performer.

Kalenna and Tony meet with a therapist after Kalenna reveals that she’s been officially diagnosed with postpartum depression. The therapist reassures her that because of the hormones caused by pregnancy, the feelings that Kaleena is experiencing are completely normal and very common in many women. Kalenna expresses frustration over being made to feel like she has to choose between having a career and being a good mother. She says she strives to excel in her career so that her sons can have the best in life and also admits that she fears for her sons becoming victims of gun violence or police brutality if she doesn’t provide them with a better lifestyle than what is considered “average.” Tony realizes how much Kalenna needs his support as he listens to her talk about what she’s going through and admits that he feels bad about not having been there for her more prior to the diagnosis.

Margeaux visits Jessica Dime in the studio and Jessica tells her that she’s done giving Mimi second chances after hearing that Mimi got Tiffany Fox in the studio with Stevie J but did not do the same for her. As a means of retaliation against Mimi for not delivering Stevie J as promised, Jessica plans to bring Margeaux out as a surprise guest during an upcoming performance that Mimi has arranged for her.

Stevie J

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The guys meet up to go fishing and Stevie J tells him that he’s moving to L.A. They are excited to hear about his move but are then surprised by Scrappy’s revelations about Momma Dee’s fast-approaching wedding plans. Despite Scrappy’s reservations, the guys all agree that he should suck it up and walk Momma Dee down the aisle even if Erica is present. Stevie is not happy to find out from Tony that Joseline has a performance coming up and has been in the studio with some of his industry connects.

2015 BET Awards - Show

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Stevie confronts Joseline about using his connects to further her career without him. Joseline says she wants to be able to handle her own business when Stevie is working with other artists but he continues to drill her about going behind his back to record music with people that he knows. Joseline says she’s disappointed that she had to resort to working with other producers in the first place. She then invites Stevie to come see her perform at the LGBT charity event and he appears to think it over.

Momma Dee

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Momma Dee visits Erica to ask her to step down from being a bridesmaid because of Scrappy’s opposition to her participating in the wedding. When she also tells Erica that Scrappy has gone as far as to say that he won’t even attend the wedding if Erica is in it, Erica agrees to back out out of respect for Momma Dee. Erica asks Momma Dee if she would still go forward with the wedding if neither of her children showed up for the ceremony and she admits that she’s not sure if she’d be able to go through with it without their support.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Mimi Faust Birthday Celebration

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Mimi invites Stevie J and Ariane out to the showcase she arranged for Jessica Dime, completely unaware that Dime is no longer interested in her management assistance and has planned to “get her back” for talking behind her back to Tiffany Fox. Mimi is excited for Dime’s performance and raves about how tonight is a big night for both MF Management and Jessica Dime. Her mood completely changes as she is stunned to see Dime bring out Margeaux to perform with her as a surprise guest.


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