This is what happens when you bring Twitter memes to real life. There are some shows where you can taunt the performing rapper by repping a rival and getting away with it (Lil Kim is probably used to dealing with Nicki Minaj fans by now). You won’t be so lucky with Meek Mill.

After Made in America, Meek Mill traveled to New York where he headlined the Fool’s Gold Day Off concert. He saw someone throw up a Drake sign and made the fan immediately regret it.

“This ain’t the motherf***ing Internet,” Meek said.

Meek Mill put one of his Dreamchasers crew members— “a shooter” — next to the offending fan. The guy decided not to press his luck.

“Made his bitch ass put that s**t down,” Meek continued. “Don’t ever come in here with no crazy s**t like that.”

During the same show, Meek took time to remind folks he had nothing against Future after he told his DJ to stop playing him during his Made in America performance. He reiterated that he was a fan; in fact, he’s so pro-Future that he sometimes requests more Future Hendrix than his own material.


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