Matt Damon is known to be a highly-respectable actor in Hollywood, but social media certainly doesn’t respect his recent statements on racial diversity in the film industry.

During the premiere episode of Project Greenlight this week, which came back to HBO after 10 years the actor, was joined by Ben Affleck, as well as film producer, Effie Brown.

While having a discussion about diversity, Brown brought up the fact that the movie they were working on involved the only black character is a prostitute who gets slapped by a white pimp.

While revealing that she wasn’t necessarily suggesting to change the script, she then explains that maybe the person producing the movie should handle that scene with more care.

Matt Damon then interrupted Brown to give a very controversial answer to her argument.

“When we talk about diversity, you do it in the casting of the film, not the casting of the show.”

Effie sat back exclaiming, “Wow!” in response to his answer. From his words, Matt Damon is implying that the cast should be the center of diversity, as opposed to having the filmmakers, who are in charge of the movie, be people of color.

What are your thoughts on Matt Damon’s choice of words?


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