WATCH: Matt Damon attempts to white-splain racial diversity to a black female producer in Hollywood. — Tyree Boyd-Pates (@TyreeBP) September 14, 2015 // Matt…

When it comes to saving the world, the hero must look like a hero in the film. Actor Matt Damon knows all too well what the preparation for a film like that entails. For his role in the new film “Elysium,” Damon says he went on a very strict diet and worked out like a […]

"Contagion" has a cast loaded with stars, a big-name director and a plot line rooted in potential reality. Here's Matt Damon talking about director Steven Soderbergh's efforts to make "Contagion" realistic.

Could that girl you made out with in the bathroom be “the one”? This is the existential quandary that anchors the George Nolfi Directed thriller The Adjustment Bureau. Matt Damon plays a young congressman named David Norris who is on the fast track to success after overcoming the death of his family. However, when suspect […]