After previously slamming her former lovers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose issued an apology to both of them during her Slutwalk on Saturday (Oct. 3). But, it seems that Amber’s attempt may have re-opened a possible relationship with her estranged husband, Wiz Khalifa.

Yesterday, Amber posted a selfie of her and Wiz together on IG with the caption, “Still Ballin.'” The emoji-filled caption had fans gasping at the possibility of a reunion. Wiz further solidified their bond when he posted a picture with him and Amber smoking together on his Instagram. The caption read, “Lemon head all in my pic,” referring to his lady, Amber.

The two had a turbulent relationship, stemmingfrom Wiz’s infidelity. Despite Wiz bashing Amber on his track,  “For Everybody,” it seems that after Amber spoke at her Slutwalk about her failed relationships that Khalifa was open to at least meeting up with her and talking things out.

Check out the photos for yourself and see if these pics really do speak a thousand words.


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