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Hannibal Buress is a funny guy. So when we found out his ready-made pilot for a show called Unemployable was passed over, we had to see if there was a viable reason why.

The comedian, who already has a show on Comedy Central called Why?, says the only job he’s every had in his life is being a stand up comic, so he wants to know how he’d be able to make it as an employee with an everyday job. He takes his findings back to his standup at his Knitting Factory club gig. The funny thing about it all, is that it takes more than just a moment to learn a skill or trade, which is the fun in Unemployable

In the pilot, Buress works on a goat farm and in a New Orleans diner where he tries to fit in his best while he learns the ropes in each trade. It’s like the 2015 version of The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, just without his partner-in-crime. It’s worth a look below. You’ll laugh at Buress’s antics and appreciate his stream-of-conscious thoughts.  


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