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Brandy is busy! She recently ended her stint as Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway and wrapped the first season of her new BET sitcom, Zoe Ever After. In the series, Zoe Moon is balancing motherhood with a recent divorce and an upstart cosmetics line. Actor Dorian Mistick (Southland) plays her ex-husband, Gemini Moon. Check out […]

Despite being one of our fall TV hopefuls, Fox’s Minority Report has been cut back from a 13-episode to 10-episode order for the 2015-16 season. Yikes! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show hasn’t been performing so well in the ratings. It pulled in just 3.1 million viewers for its series premiere on Sept. 21, and […]

Hannibal Buress is a funny guy. So when we found out his ready-made pilot for a show called Unemployable was passed over, we had to see if there was a viable reason why. The comedian, who already has a show on Comedy Central called Why?, says the only job he’s every had in his life is being a stand […]

Another month begins - another month to binge watch shows ... and movies. Take a look at what's headed to Netflix in October, and what you're about to lose.

In news that shocks no one, the Empire season two premiere ratings were through the roof, just like its plot line. The FOX smash reached 16 million…

The Academy isn’t giving Leonardo DiCaprio a statue anytime soon – no matter how good he is – so now the actor is setting himself up for an Emmy. He’s taking his talents to Showtime and developing an 80’s mafia drama. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be written by Ray Donovan‘s Brett Johnson and it will centered […]

Summer is always a good time to try out a show, because if it airs and does well during TV’s slowest season, chances are it will thrive anytime. And because of this, NBC’s The Carmichael Show, starring Jerrod Carmichael and David Alan Grier, has been renewed, according to Vulture. The half-hour sitcom brought issues and topics that […]

TV execs have been trying to turn 2001’s Training Day into a show for years, and now there’s finally some progress. It’s heading to CBS as a buddy cop series. According to Deadline, the small screen version will be a Jerry Bruckheimer TV production (the same people beind CSI), and it will be executive-produced by […]

Shows are getting canceled left and right, but that’s show biz. There’s been a few upsets, like The Mindy Project which won’t make it to a fourth season, and also a couple of why-didn’t-this-happen-sooner cancelations, like American Idol. Take a look at the full list of shows that have been canceled and renewed from the 2014-2015 […]

Empire was a whirlwind roller coaster that left us topsy-turvy once the finale aired in March. Thirteen episodes just weren’t enough, so Fox is giving us a whopping 18 for its second season which will premiere in the fall. According to The Wrap, the season will be split into two parts, which is something a lot […]

Five years after receiving a standing ovation from his first stand up comedy set that launched Comedian CP, Chris Powell sits with HotHipHopDetroit‘s AC The Plug to announce landing a role on Lee Daniels “Empire“ drama series. “Empire” is a sexy and powerful new drama about the head of a music empire, Terrence Howard, whose three sons […]

These songs will have you singing and humming long after the show is over, and that’s the making of a great theme song! All of the songs made you want to watch, even if the actual show wasn’t great. Which is your favorite? Which shows did we miss? Like on Facebook to stay updated […]