African-American students at the University of Missouri are on high alert tonight as the campus allegedly continues to be terrorized by groups of racists, believed to be students, in the wake of the resignation of President Timothy Wolfe earlier this week.

Although exact details as to the origin of the alleged threats remain unclear, photos, video and live tweets from Mizzou students currently on campus are continuing to flood social media. Several messages have been sent out advising African-American students to either remain indoors, leave campus, or refrain from coming to campus tomorrow as a group of racists have allegedly threatened to bring harm to any Black students spotted on campus in retaliation for the protesting against former president Wolfe after he failed to investigate racially-motivated vandalism that was discovered on the school’s campus 2 weeks ago.

This video footage of an enraged white person ranting about the events that led up to the protest has also surfaced on social media. The person in the video is said to be a student, although official confirmation of his identity has yet to surface.

One student body leader claimed that members of the KKK had made their way to the Mizzou campus in support of the threats against the lives of African-American students….

…but he later retracted his statement, citing that he had circulated information from “incorrect sources” while “in a state of alarm.”

Other reports have confirmed sightings of white students “riding around in pick up trucks and terrorizing Black students.”

Faculty, school administration and the Mizzou campus police have been made aware of the threats, but have responded with mixed reactions, much to both the dismay and appreciation of some students and many on social media.

On a more positive note, several Mizzou student government members also assembled earlier in the evening to offer their support and protection in the wake of the alleged threats.

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