Once again, Azealia found herself in an epic Twitter battle with not one, but three different celebrities.


African-American students at the University of Missouri are on high alert tonight as the campus allegedly continues to be terrorized by groups of racists, believed to be students, in the wake of the resignation of President Timothy Wolfe earlier this week. Although exact details as to the origin of the alleged threats remain unclear, photos, video […]

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After publicly calling for a boycott of Louis Vuitton, Kanye West got busted by TMZ leaving his New York apartment using Louis Vuitton luggage! Oops! Take a look in the video below!     Rule number one…if you are going to ask everyone to stand with you and stop supporting a brand…then ya better stop […]

Rapper/rock star Kanye West has decided he is going to boycott luxury fashion label Louis Vuitton because the Vice President of the company couldn’t understand why he needed to take a meeting with Kanye. The rapper was so offended by Louis Vuitton’s brushoff he went on a tour of interviews and urged black people not […]

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 As we previously reported, Kendrick Lamar was named Rapper Of The Year by GQ Magazine however he did not attend their Man Of The Year Party as a result of the interview that was conducted on him. His camp released a statement yesterday about the incident and how they felt the racial overtones of the interview had simply […]

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According to TMZ, GQ Magazine‘s “Rapper of the Year”, Kendrick Lamar boycotted the mag’s Men of the Year Party on Tuesday because of the way that they chose to interview and write about him in the mag. In the interview, which GQ released this week, writer Steve Marsh expresses surprise at Kendrick’s discipline, the fact that he doesn’t […]