Vince Staples is a funny guy. The rapper is becoming well-known for some of his controversial statements, and in a recent interview with GQ, he kept it all the way one hundred with his comments about the great Michael Jordan.

GQ asked Vince to judge their former “Men of the Year” with a quick, natural reaction. When they landed on NBA champ Jordan, Vince went in.

“Michael Jordan is such a scumbag. I love ‘em. Michael Jordan and Donald Trump are the same kind of person. Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, they are the epitome of bad people in America becoming successful,” he said.

Donald Trump has been serving up all types of controversies himself during the 2016 Presidential race. Most recently, he made insensitive comments surrounding the Paris attacks by commenting on France’s gun control laws.

In the meantime, MJ has come under fire for the practices surrounding the uber successful Jordan sneaker brand.

Do you think Vince’s Jordan/Trump comparison is fair?


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