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The Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone and just as plentiful as the leftovers in your kitchen is the aftermath of one of arguably the biggest Turkey Day 2015 social media phenomenon ever: the #ThanksgivingClapback hashtag.

In case you aren’t quite familiar, the hashtag became a gateway for snarky comeback responses to the most infamously annoying questions, comments or criticisms that often surface during holiday gatherings. With topics ranging from the absence of boyfriends/girlfriends, to college, to jobs, to hair and everything in between, we all know just how uncomfortable things can get around the holiday dinner table when the most filter-free of family members and close friends begin their borderline-offensive inquiries into your personal life.

So whether you’re in need of a few quick-witted comeback jabs yourself or just want a good laugh to compliment that plate of leftovers, here’s a look at the best of the best #ThanksgivingClapback responses.

*Disclaimer:* Clapback at your own risk, of course!

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