The Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone and just as plentiful as the leftovers in your kitchen is the aftermath of one of arguably the biggest Turkey Day 2015 social media phenomenon ever: the #ThanksgivingClapback hashtag. In case you aren’t quite familiar, the hashtag became a gateway for snarky comeback responses to the most infamously […]

Everybody knows that 4/20 is the day potheads outside of Colorado rejoice about smoking weed. It is the unofficial holiday for breaking, rolling, and lighting that mean green up for a little relaxation. But while you or one of your friends are partaking in the holiday, it will probably the question as to how 4/20 […]

December 24th is not only Christmas Eve, but also National Eggnog Day. On a fateful day in 1826, US Military Soldiers smuggled inexpensive whiskey into…

Sherri Shepherd, like many other mothers, has a love affair with Christmas. Her holiday spirit shines through in her festive celebrations, her elaborate costumes and…


Originally we wanted to bring this interview to you for the Thanksgiving holiday but...Chef Ali Torain of  the Queen Afua Wellness Center, Inc. gave us so many amazing ideas for our menu plans that we thought everyone might get more use out of it for the holiday season at large! So you can use these […]

The Thanksgiving holiday is here and it has us thinking about some of our favorite dinner scenes from the movies. Watching these clips will either make you hungry or make you want to start a food fight. 5)Why Did I Get Married At a retreat in the mountains a quiet dinner turns into the meal […]

Thanksgiving is the one time of year where we get our glutton on with no regrets, so some of us might forget what the holiday is all about — pilgrims busting down teepee doors and all that hot mess. Thanks to, here are the reasons why Thanksgiving is pure evil! 1. The Pilgrims Had […]


With Halloween a faint and distant blur, you can almost smell the stuffed turkey and sweet potato pie fumes of Thanksgiving Day floating through the city already. That beautiful aroma can only mean one thing; Christmas is peeking around the corner. Soon, a thousand fake Santas will flood airwaves and magazine ads with their hands […]


He’s your dawg through thick and thin. He’s held you down, he’s given you passes and he’s kept your secrets (aka lied for you,) and Christmas is around the corner. You gotta find a way to show this dude you love him… but you don’t want him thinking you’re trying to take this to another […]


The average man has a lot of women his life that he has to keep happy, especially around the holidays. While you may be long on generosity you may be short on ideas, so here are some quick suggestions to help you knock off that check list. Wife/Girlfriend Jewelry is always a safe bet, but […]