With Halloween a faint and distant blur, you can almost smell the stuffed turkey and sweet potato pie fumes of Thanksgiving Day floating through the city already. That beautiful aroma can only mean one thing; Christmas is peeking around the corner. Soon, a thousand fake Santas will flood airwaves and magazine ads with their hands out, preparing to swindle you out of your hard-hustled money in the name of seeing your kids smile on December 25th.

This Christmas, all kids seem to want are mindless video games and fantasy-based toys that will do nothing more than further distract them from the important things in life like homework, chores, and middle-of-the-day napping. Instead of pitching in on their zombie-like mindstates, why not buy some gifts that will actually contribute to their mental health and overall betterment?

These 7 puzzle games may not be the first choice for the average kid this holiday season, but at some point, your ungrateful children may appreciate what you’re trying to do…

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