Our favorite childhood staples have been crushing our spirits for awhile, and quite frankly, we’re sick of it. Bill Cosby ruined The Cosby Show for us with each bit of news that surfaces about his alleged rape incidents. Most recently, WWE wrestling great Hulk Hogan was caught making racist remarks in leaked footage, and used the N-word […]

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There is a controversy brewing that has people talking…a lot..and according to Spin Magazine it all centers around a new toy company called the Goldie Blox toy company. Take a look at the video below to see what has people so divided about what the company is doing and the way that they’ve gone about doing it! […]


With Halloween a faint and distant blur, you can almost smell the stuffed turkey and sweet potato pie fumes of Thanksgiving Day floating through the city already. That beautiful aroma can only mean one thing; Christmas is peeking around the corner. Soon, a thousand fake Santas will flood airwaves and magazine ads with their hands […]

Rapper and reality TV star Peter Gunz may not have the best judgement in handling women, but his fatherhood instincts are considerably better. RELATED: 12 Of The Best Electronic Gifts For Your Screen-Locked Teenager With several little Gunz to his name, including his rapping son Corey, we asked Peter to offer some advice on what to […]