The Thanksgiving holiday is here and it has us thinking about some of our favorite dinner scenes from the movies. Watching these clips will either make you hungry or make you want to start a food fight.

5)Why Did I Get Married

At a retreat in the mountains a quiet dinner turns into the meal from hell when Mike (Richard T. Jones) decides to blow up everyone’s spot.

4) Talladega Nights

Race car driver Ricky Bobby has dinner with his obnoxious family and gives one of the most self-serving graces ever.

3)The Nutty Professor

The Grandma talking about having hot relations is the best.

2)Soul Food

The quintessential family meal set to film complete with every type of food you could imagine. Too bad it killed Grandma.

1) Boomerang

Hands down the funniest movie dinner scene ever. John Witherspoon has built an entire career on the catch-prases “Bang, bang, bang” and “you’ve got to coordinate” alone.

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