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Jason Pierre-Paul has to play with missing appendages for the rest of his football career after that fireworks accident. That’s a pretty decent deal considering what could’ve been.

The defensive end gave his first interview regarding the disastrous mishap to the New York Post.  Pierre-Paul remembers that he had to tell doctors not to cut off his hand when he arrived in the emergency room.

Q: Why did you tell the doctor not to cut your hand?

A: It’s easier to take a shortcut out. I knew for a fact that my hand … I might say it’s severely damaged or whatever, but I knew it wasn’t that bad, like I can still play football.

Q: When you said you told the doctor not to cut your hand, you mean the whole hand?

A: Yeah.

Q: You were afraid that he would cut the whole hand off?

A: Yeah. Even the doctors counted me out. They were like, “Yeah, we’re gonna have to cut his whole hand off” and, you know …

Q: Before you passed out, that’s what you heard them saying?

A: Yeah. “I don’t think we’ll be able to save it.” I knew that that wasn’t the best hospital to be at.

Losing a hand may have cost him his NFL career. However, he left with a missing right index finger and part of his right thumb gone.


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