Now that Jason-Pierre Paul is nearly fully recovered and is set to hit the field with the New York Giants this season, he's decided to take part in a Public Service Announcement about the dangers of fireworks.

As Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul continues to make strides in recovery after injuring his hand in a July 4 fireworks incident, he's revealed his beef with ESPN.

Jason Pierre-Paul has finally taken another step in his recovery process since the unfortunate July 4th fireworks accident that led to his right index finger being amputated.

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Jason Pierre-Paul has to play with missing appendages for the rest of his football career after that fireworks accident. That’s a pretty decent deal considering what could’ve been. The defensive end gave his first interview regarding the disastrous mishap to the New York Post.  Pierre-Paul remembers that he had to tell doctors not to cut off his […]


The Giants managed to allow 52 points against the Saints last Sunday. So yeah, they could use a little help on the defensive end. Today, that comes in the form of Jason Pierre-Paul. Yes, JPP is back. After losing an appendage in a July 4th fireworks accident, Pierre-Paul is set to make his season debut against the Buccaneers. […]


Just under four months after a fireworks accident that nearly cost him his entire hand, NY Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is back with the G-men and gearing up to hit the field. Speculation that Pierre-Paul was on the brink of returning to the team and in the middle of contract revisions begun making their […]


Will Jason Pierre-Paul play this season after losing an index finger? That’s been the floating questions on Giants fans’ minds all season. Big Blue has been floating along, but games like their last one against the Eagles don’t inspire full confidence. Giants need that extra help, even if it’s missing an appendage. Pierre-Paul has reportedly met with the Giants […]

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: First look at Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand without a bandage. — NY Daily News Sports (@NYDNSports) September 17, 2015 // NY Giants fans haven’t been too happy with Jason Pierre-Paul since July 4, but with pictures surfacing of his four-fingered hand, reality is setting in. The NY Daily News obtained pictured of […] After damaging his hand during a fireworks mishap on July 4,which left him with a missing index finger, Jason Pierre-Paul has steered clear of media. But things changed Tuesday night when the Giant’s defensive end posted his first video to Instagram. The short clip shows a harness wrapped around his body as he pulls a […]


Earlier this month, Jason Pierre-Paul visited the Giants for the first time since the fireworks incident that forced him to amputate his right index finger. The news called for cautious optimism, but that smidgeon of hope reportedly turned sour after that visit. ESPN’s Dan Graziano reports that Pierre-Paul’s injury was worse than the Giants thought. A source told them […]


There’s been at least two big questions surrounding the Giants going into the regular season: Is this offense going to suck even with Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr.? And what’s to become of Jason Pierre-Paul, who had one of his fingers amputated in a terrible July 4 fireworks accident? Pierre-Paul hasn’t been with the team since the tragedy, […]

Unfortunately, the hits keep coming for Jason Pierre-Paul. ESPN obtained hospital records indicating that the New York Giants defensive end had his right index finger amputated today, after a fireworks accident left him with a severe hand injury over the weekend. However, a medical source contends that JPP will still be able to play on […]