Parents either hate technology, or see it as some sort of sorcery and magic.

Fortunately in this instance, it’s the former. A man recently recorded his father showing off his lottery ticket from the failed $800 million drawing last week. All’s well until the dad tells his son not to post the video on Facebook. Like any good kid, he trolls his dad by saying, “Don’t worry about what I post on Facebook.”

All he wanted to do was show the world what he thought was the winning number.

And suddenly, the words “Don’t act so fucking stupid” can’t leave his dad’s mouth soon enough. In his rage, he doesn’t even hesitate to call his son a “stupid motherfucker.” The father’s perfectly plausible explanation is that people will come after them for the $800 million cash winnings. He cares if his granddaughter gets kidnapped, but his son’s well-being isn’t too important. “If they want to snatch you I don’t give a fuck,” he blurts out.

Let this be a lesson to any kids trolling their parents: keep doing it.

SOURCE: Power 107.5 | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube

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