Football season may be over, but Rashad Jennings of the New York Giants just logged another win.

Parents either hate technology, or see it as some sort of sorcery and magic.

The super wise 18-year-old found herself defending her parents on social media after someone tweeted a photo of Zendaya with her parents

Everybody knows that late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel pulls some of the best pranks seen on television. need we remind you about the fire twerker? Well, for Halloween, Kimmel issued a challenge to all of his viewers who have small children. As a prank, tell your kids that you ate all of their […]

  According to TMZ, Olympic hurdler Lashinda Demus who won a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics — says her husband tried to strangle her and threatened to kill her. She is now seeking an order of protection. Demus just got a temporary restraining order against her husband, Jamel Mayrant. Mayrant was apparently arrested and jailed a couple of […]

  Considering that Samuel L. Jackson is an actor who is mostly known for cussing and playing bad guys in every film he’s in, it’s easy for parents to blame him for their children’s bad behavior. In a new sketch for, Jackson runs into that exact problem. He’s out running errands when random people […]

  According to Amanda Bynes’s parents Rick & Lynn are worried that their out of control daughter may be suffering from schizophrenia, and have begged her to seek professional help. However, she has refused to get it. The Bynes family moved from Texas to LA to live closer to Amanda because; says a Radar Online source; “For years, since Amanda was a teenager, she […]

  As we previously reported, Kobe Bryant and his mother Pamela Bryant have been at odds over memorabilia from Kobe’s youth and early career that Pamela has been trying to sell to an auction house. The auction house had already given her a $450,000 advance on Kobe’s box of personal treasures. The auction house decided […]

  Hey Kobe’s mom wasn’t shooting jumpers in the gym! Oh, wait that probably doesn’t apply here huh? Alright well we digress, but now it makes sense. As we previously reported Kobe Bryant and his mother are involved in a court battle over his career memorabilia. His mother had taken some very cherished items to an auction house to sell and […]

This is why we ain’t free! A man from Brooklyn, New York is suing his parents for $200,000 because he says they didn’t love him enough as a child and because of their lack of affection he has become homeless. 32 year-old Bernard Anderson Bey filed a lawsuit claiming he and his younger sibling were […]

Kobe’s parents were spotted at his game the other night, and we must admit for her age, Pam is pretty hot!