Chipotle will close all of its stores next month…but just for a day.

During the mini-blackout, the company will discuss food safety with all employees due to the E. coli outbreak the chain has been plagued with over the past few months.

Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold told the Oregonian that the meeting will take place on February 8 and several topics will be discussed.

In an email to the paper, Arnold wrote, “We want to thank our teams for all their hard work, to discuss some of the changes we are making to enhance food safety, to talk about the restaurants role in all of that and to answer some questions from employees.”

The company also announced on Wednesday that it will launch a new marketing campaign in February; the outbreak caused sales to plummet 30 percent in December.

The trouble began in August, when 64 customers in Minnesota were infected with salmonella and around 100 people were infected with the norovirus in California. The E. coli outbreak came months later in October and November, affecting 53 people in nine states.

Has anyone alerted Cyn Santana about this crisis?


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