Dear Blackman,

What the hell is wrong with our sisters? I am 45, single, have one grown daughter, and I am Medical Assistant. I constantly get lied to, disrespected, by women that I date. These women love young guys who don’t work, sell drugs, abuse them mentally and physically. I am really leaning toward giving up and dating white girls. They don’t give us the “bs” that our sisters do! What should I do?


The Blackman:

Hi Greg,

It’s interesting because I have heard this frustration from both men and women. It’s too bad I can’t connect everyone that I hear this from.

The first thing I have to say is that you can find the same type of people that can give you that “bs” with any race so if you think that start to date a white women will change up your situation is not necessarily true. Whites, Asians, Latinas, and Indians have the same type of people in their culture that you have been encountering with Black women.

I always suggest if you have a cycle dealing with the type of people you should look within yourself to see why this is happening and why you are attracting these types of people.  Sometimes people  figure out that source of the problem comes from within them and they it. For example if you are going to the same local clubs to meet women and they don’t have the type of woman that you are looking for but you settle for what is there then of course at some point you are not going to be happy. That is the same thing which is happening with the woman you are talking about. They are most likely settling for less than what they want in a man and they may feel lonely and the type of men they don’t want give them some attention so they deal with them to fill the void. Men have the tendency to do the same thing. People get in a habit of dealing with what they don’t want and when Mr. or Ms. Right is in front of them they either don’t realize it or don’t know how to deal with them so they lose it.

Be clear with yourself on the type of woman that you want and don’ t settle short. If it’s a professional woman that you want go to places where you will meet professional women. Break out of the habits of the normal places that you go and expand your reality.  You will experience some changes. Also be patient and good women will come your way.

Good Luck


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