Having a case of the Mondays is the worst. Sometimes it’s as if you go to bed Friday and suddenly, it’s Sunday night. But getting back to the Monday grind doesn’t have to be as unpleasant as you think.

Here are 5 ways to make getting back to work after the weekend a lot smoother:

Prep for Mondays On Fridays

Mondays are always the most hectic day at work. One of the easiest ways to fix that is to get ahead of it on Friday. Knocking out some things you know will irk you on Monday (pretty much everything) will make the start to your week a lot less stressful.

Get Away From Work Over The Weekend

We know, it’s hard. With your work email just a tap away, it can be difficult to disconnect, but your peace of mind will thank you for it. If you find it impossible not to see what’s going on in terms of work for the whole weekend, try to leave it alone for just one day. That 24 hours of escape will give you a chance to clear your mind, and have a fresh set of eyes for whatever project you’ve been working on.

Make Friends At Work

Yes, it is possible. Find some people in a different department with similar interests. Those meetings where the entire company is required to go? Sit next to someone you don’t know. That way, if you’re a sports fan or have a favorite show in common, you can always walk over to their desk and talk about the latest game. And probably how your team isn’t doing as well as you thought.

Go To Bed Early On Sunday

All that fun you had over the weekend will catch up to you if you don’t get enough sleep Sunday night. Instead of trying to cram in another episode of one of your favorite shows, Go. To. Bed. Just an extra 30 min of sleep on Sunday nights will leave you feeling more refreshed when you walk into the office Monday morning.

Make Mondays Enjoyable

Treat yo’ self. If Monday is your least favorite day, just make it enjoyable. Designate it as the day you go all out for lunch, or listen to some of your favorite CDs at your desk or during your commute to work.

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