Ezekiel Elliott may be one of the best running backs on the field right now. But anyone outside of sports know The Ohio State alumni as the guy who wore a crop-top jersey on the field and a cropped button-up to the draft.

Normally someone would be clowned for the look, but Elliott’s talents negate that. As a sophomore in 2014, he had 18 touchdowns, and had 273 catches.

In 2015, the NCAA banned crop-top jerseys, but Elliot still flourished on the field while fully clothed. Now, he is a Dallas Cowboy and the franchise has decided to honor the newcomer by selling Cowboys crop-top t-shirts that will hit the team store soon.

Elliott recently signed a four-year, $24.9 million contract. He hasn’t played a game in the NFL yet, but is already making huge leaps with building his brand.

What better way to start your rookie year?


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