Even with the drinking rumors floating around, he says he wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

Ezekiel Elliott may be one of the best running backs on the field right now. But anyone outside of sports know The Ohio State alumni as the guy who wore a crop-top jersey on the field and a cropped button-up to the draft. Normally someone would be clowned for the look, but Elliott’s talents negate that. As […]


https://platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.jsThe Cowboys-Giants rivalry is one of great stress and heartache. This time the Giants got the worse end of it. New York lost 27-26 after it crumbled in the Cowboys’ last drive in the final seconds. Tony Romo was supposed to blow it with another interception in that final drive. He’d already thrown two interceptions, including a pick […]


As many of you probably know, Dez Bryant is one of the most passionate players in the game. Bryant is also one of the best — he was one of the league’s leaders in reception yards. When you mix hotheadedness and the desire to be great, you can get scenes like the ones you see above. Yes, […]


Just last month, reality star and Mint Swim/FineAss Girls founder Draya Michele seemed overjoyed when she shared the news of her engagement to NFL boyfriend Orlando Scandrick, but things have quickly taken a turn for the worse. In just a few short weeks, Draya has gone from being happily engaged to having Orlando reach out […]

The Life

Draya Michele may have never actually been a basketball wife but it looks like she’ll be a football wife after all. Draya took to social media late yesterday evening to announce that Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick had popped the question and of course, she said yes. The Basketball Wives L.A. reality star first shared the […]


After he was originally suspended from the game for stepping on Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ ankles on-field in the last game of the regular season in December, Ndamukong Suh won an appeal allowing him to play in the Detroit Lions’ Wild Card game against the Cowboys yesterday. But after a tough loss, his season came to an […]

According to Yahoo! Sports Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has been well known for being many things…make that many…many….many things!  However being super generous has not been one of those things that he has been well known for…well until now! Bryant reportedly walked into a Dallas-area Walmart Thursday night for the Playstation 4 midnight release and did […]

  Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has been put on blast in the most embarrassing way ever via a Twitter account with the handle @NFL_NBA_Hoe! The supposed jump off is dishing on all kinds of personal “preferences” that Brant allegedly has. The account has been posting texts alleged to be from the Cowboys star […]

Josh Brent, a defensive player for the Dallas Cowboys, was arrested on charges of intoxication manslaughter after an accident in Irving, Texas claimed the life of his teammate Jerry Brown. According to USA Today, Brent was driving his car on Rout 114 when he hit a curb and caused the car to flip. His teammate […]

It would be like Joe Torre coaching the Boston Redsox, Phil Jackson coaching the New York Knicks, or Bill Parcells coaching…. nevermind. There is a report circulating that current Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, sure to lose his job this year after dropping an eighth straight game on Sunday night (12/2), could coach the Dallas […]

Are you ready for some football? That silly question won’t be asked before a Monday night football game anymore. Of course you’re ready. Many of you ordered Madden 13 months ago, signed up for your fantasy football leagues, and switched cable providers to get the free NFL package. As we commence with another 21 weeks of the […]