Seems Diddy is in the dog house with a few of his label’s former artists.

First, there’s Brian Angel of Day 26, who took to Twitter to express his dismay about not being invited to perform at the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.

“With all do respect I’m tryna figure out @iamdiddy how can you have a BAD BOY reunion tour and me and my Bros @DAY26 aren’t part of it bro?” Angel tweeted to Diddy on May 16. “Hands down toe to toe put @day26 up against anybody and I’ll always put my money on me and my GROUP.”

“My passion for music & our fans puts me in some crazy situations at times,” he continued. “But I gotta speak up @iamdiddy @officialDay26 @day26 wanna know”

Brian wasn’t the only one upset. TMZ reports that members of the Diddy-founded groups B5 and Da Band also expressed some confusion.

“We just felt like our relationship [with Diddy] was better than that,” B5’s Dustin Michael told TMZ. Da Band’s Sara Stokes said, “We made history with Diddy on Making the Band and pretty much opened the doors for all the other reality shows.”

Da Band and Day 26 were also missing from the Bad Boy Reunion performance at the 2015 BET Awards.


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