Seems Diddy is in the dog house with a few of his label’s former artists. First, there’s Brian Angel of Day 26, who took to Twitter to express his dismay about not being invited to perform at the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour. “With all do respect I’m tryna figure out @iamdiddy how can you have a BAD BOY reunion […]

The fallout from Sara Stokes‘ recent domestic violence arrest continues to get worse. Stokes’ husband, Tony, filed for divorce just two days after Sara’s arrest. Emanuiel “Tony” Stokes filed to end his 18-year marriage in St. Clair, Michigan. According to the documents, Tony Stokes cited “the objects of matrimony have been destroyed” as reason for […]

“We don’t hit women,” I told my son as I held his hand. His face was flush with frustration. My daughter was being a textbook kid sister and had antagonized him about something they were watching on television. As is common with kids, the dispute elevated into yelling and then hits were exchanged. My 5-year-old […]

Former Da Band member Sara Stokes must’ve never learned to keep her hands to herself because she was arrested for beating up her husband…again. Police were called to the Stokes home on July 21st around 3:45 in the morning. Sara and her husband Tony were outside on the ground fighting when cops arrived. Sara Stokes was […]

Sara Stokes from the MTV reality show "Making Da Band" was allegedly choked and beaten by her husband, Tony. He was later arrested.

(AllHipHop News) T-Pain has been hit with a lawsuit by songwriter/former MTV reality star Sara Stokes, who claims the producer cheated her out of royalties for song they co-authored for R&B singer Jennifer Hudson.