All it took to get Matt Barnes to open up about his soured relationship with Derek Fisher, was asking him.

Recently, the Memphis Grizzly sat down for an interview with Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored, a new radio show hosted by Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Jason Lee, Melyssa Ford, and DoBoy. Last year Barnes reportedly drove to his ex-wife’s home to confront her about her secret relationship with his former teammate Derek Fisher. The hosts didn’t hold anything back as they threw plenty of questions at him about the whole ordeal.

Barnes wishes that his ex-wife Gloria Govan or Fisher would have just told him about the situation.

First of all, it’s a f***ed-up situation. Don’t get that twisted. It was a f***ed-up situation. But I’m so real, I told my ex, I’m like, ‘Yo, you can’t help who you fall in love with, but you could handle it in a mature way.’ If you would have came to me like a woman like, ‘Yo, check this out. Unfortunately, this happened.’ Or if he would have came to me as a man like, ‘Yo, check this out. Unfortunately, this happened.’…If you would have handled it the right way, I would have been cool. I wouldn’t have liked it, but I wouldn’t have gotten mad,” Barnes admits.

Fisher isn’t angry that the two are together, he just wants Govan to be happy.

They’re still together…I want her to be happy. I know as long as he treats my kids right is my first priority, and I ask my kids daily now that I know he’s around like, ‘What’s up?’ And [they’re like], ‘We love him.’…I check with that. As long as that’s the case and my kids are going to be happy and all right, that’s my only concern,” he said.

Barnes even spoke up about Kanye West’s line in “30 Hours” where he raps “I’m about to drive 90

90 miles like Matt Barnes just to whoop a n-gga ass.” Barnes clarifies that he never actually drove 90 miles. 

Oh yeah, let’s clear that up too. I didn’t go no 90 miles first and foremost. I was in the marina where my condo is and they’re in Redondo Beach. So I went actually 15 minutes. The 90 miles thing is, I guess, going to go down in history because of the rap song but that was 15 minutes. People were like, ‘What were you listening to?’ I probably would have been listening to 2Pac but I’m not gonna drive no 90 miles,” Barnes explained.

Listen to the entire interview below.


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