She is one of the hardest working women in the entertainment business. She never stops. Beyonce Knowles does it all. Some critiques have noted her as being “a true superwoman.”

In the beginning of June she began her “I Am Tour” and many people have speculated that this will be Beyonce’s last tour for the next few years, as she plans to make a family with Jay Z. Although she rocked the house in Madison Square Garden, I attended the concert in New Jersey at the Izod Center. I have been a Beyonce’ fan ever since “Bills Bills Bills”, but seeing her in concert made my appreciation grow even more for this diva. Each performance was amazing and dynamic in its own way. She was constantly dancing, singing and engaging her fans with footage from her childhood. I was amazed by her band. With Beyonce being a strong advocate for female independence and strength, she had an all female ensemble on stage. The band laid down the hot beats and tunes that kept the star going all night.

From the sexy sounds of “Video Phone” to the never ending hit song “Single Ladies,” Beyonce kept her audience on its feet. She even sang some throw backs like “Say My Name”, “Bills Bills Bills”, and “Baby Boy”. In the beginning of Baby Boy she was on a harness in the air doing flips above the audience. There was never a dull moment and each song had a theatrical element to it. I would say that this was one of Beyonce’s most energetic tours ever.

As I looked around at the concert, I couldn’t help but think “this is a Beyonce movement.” Fans (the young and old) were dressed to imitate her, doing her every move right before she would do it. A young man in front of me knew all the words to every song she sang, and was crying on the floor when she sang “Halo.” I had not seen people go this crazy over an artist in a long time! Despite fans addiction to her moves, Beyonce always surprises us with something new.

I got the chance to interview fans and see what they had to say about the concert. One couple flew all the way from Atlanta just to see this diva in action.

They said: “If you missed this concert, you missed one of the best performances in history. She is a phenomenal woman.” Other people were so excited about her performance that they wanted to show me how they were capable of being her next backup dancer.

At the end of the concert Beyonce did a special tribute to the late pop sensation Michael Jackson. It was an extremely emotional performance where Beyonce expressed that Michael was a big influence in her career and childhood. As she spoke about Michael’s contribution to music, fans where crying. It was a perfect way to end her concert.

Although it seems that people have a never ending sense of loyalty to Beyonce, she has just as much loyalty to her fans. As she exited the stage she said that this would be one of her last concert in America. She thanked her fans for everything and said “I am….Yours.” Of course she threw up the dynasty sign, dropped a tear and blew a kiss to the fans.

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