Sure, we all know that wrestling is fake, but this men’s soap opera brought you to byVincent Kennedy McMahon is a billion dollar-plus industry that has taken their franchise motto of “sports entertainment” to the next level with TV, their own magazine and now a video game, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009. It can’t get no realer than that.

The premise is simple enough — you take your favorite wrestler and advance him or her through the ranks to hold the strap (championship belt) of your desire. But for the 2009 version, the #1 fighting game franchise in the world (until Street Fighter IV or Marvel vs. Street Fighter comes out) provides gamers with the definitive simulation of what you see every week on USASCI-FI and MyNetworkTV mixed with the technical and visual eye candy that you want for your XBox 360 or PS3.

In a time where WWE failed to provide a well-worth storyline to whet gamers appetities, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 adds more depth and realism than ever before, which includes a first-ever co-op story mode. Now, you and your tag team partner can use tables, ladder and chairs on opponents via online and with those who challenge your authoritai at home.

One of the things about Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 that makes it one of the premiere games in its genre is the “tag team explosion.” New tag team finishers, high-impact double team moves and creating an online stable allows you and a friend to have matches all across the country.

The thing that makes me think that this’ll finally be better than No Mercy for theNintendo 64 is the create-a-finisher addition. You can create a string of devastating moves that is as long or as short as your choosing and with an imagination like mines – gamers should have nightmares trying to test yours truly online!

With that and downloadable content galore, the McMahon’s and The Urban Daily believe that this game will be able to give a “Rock Bottom” to any wrestling (see: TNA) game that tries to go for the crown!

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