It’s been awhile since Allen Iverson and Jadakiss have had a chance to hang out. After all, they filmed this legendary Reebok commercial over a decade ago and plenty as changed for for the retired basketball star.

While Jadakiss has layed low and remained one of the most respected rappers in the game, Iverson had a rough few years in the NBA before going to play (and dominating) in China.

The two OGs were at Mitchell & Ness’ Block Party in Philly and reminisced on their Reebok days and the shine they both brought to their respects fields. While Jadakiss sat with A.I., he took the time to ask him which are his favorite rappers and basketball players of all time. While some of Iverson’s answers are expected, there are a few arguable legends he left off and a few newbies he included.

Watch the video or read the exchange below:

J: I was just curious, who’s your top five basketball players?

A: Mike, Shaq … Kobe, LeBron … damn, it can be a lot of dudes … damn!

J: Who you feeling today?

A: Steph, Westbrook, Kyrie, Durant, Melo. The list goes on and on.

J: Who’s your top five artists?

A: [Jadakiss], Big, Redman, Pac … uh … damn, I gotta leave out Nas, Jay Z …3000, Tip — I like Tip — I like Jeezy … damn … Em. Man, that list can go on for days!”

Throughout the interview Jada also asks Iverson about his pioneering of the NBA culture with the induction of tattoos and braids.

Those old Reebok commercials that featured Iverson and ‘Kiss were legendary:



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