Carmelo Anthony just became the first athlete on the USA’s basketball team to win three gold medals.

The New York Knick has admitted he may never win an NBA championship, which makes him appreciate the Olympics so much more, and Jim Boeheim, who coached Melo during his time at Syracuse University, doesn’t think he’ll ever win a ring either.

“He’s unlikely to win an NBA title. He’s never been on a team that even had a remote chance of winning an NBA title. As a player, all you can do is try to make your team better and every team he’s been on he’s made them a lot better. Denver hadn’t done anything prior to him getting there and he took them into the playoffs. They weren’t going to beat the Lakers or the Spurs. In those years, they won the championship most of the time,” the 71-year-old said.

Boeheim is a Hall of Fame coach, and has been at the head of Syracuse’s basketball program since 1976, so his word holds a lot of weight.

The dedicated coach is most worried about whether the Knicks newly acquired players Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose will “stay healthy.”

He wants to win in New York,” Boehim says in the video above. “I know the general opinion is if Noah and Rose are healthy then they’ll be a better team. It’s just a question of if they will be healthy.”

Anthony has three years left on the five-year-max deal he signed with the Knicks, so he’s time to prove the Knicks can win it all.

SOURCE: Bleacher Report | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty


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