After banning Charles Oakley from Madison Square Garden on February 8, the drama-filled Knicks have finally lifted the ban, sources told ESPN. The restriction was the result of Knicks owner James Dolan and alumni Oakley’s contentious relationship over the past 20 years. But after Michael Jordan and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver sat down with the two […]

Once he contacted the club to say he wanted to retire in style, the New York Knicks obliged.

As the Cleveland Cavaliers still revel in winning the 2016 NBA Finals, the New York Knicks are still trying to find the right pieces for next season. In an effort to at least make it to the post season come next go round, the Knicks have traded for Derrick Rose. The Bulls have traded Rose, Justin […]

Stephon Marbury spoke about playing under former Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni and the NBA's fraternity-like behavior, and says he wouldn't join the Knicks even if a gun was pointed at his head.

The Knicks are about to hire their fifth coach in four years. Yikes. The lucky man is Jeff Hornacek and on Thursday (May 19), he entered into an agreement in principle to take the job. The staffing change has not been made official yet, but an announcement is expected soon. Hornacek coached the Phoenix Suns but was […]


The Knicks are having a tough year. Last night, the Rockets gave the team their 14th straight loss in a more than 20-point victory, and fans in attendance have begun wearing paper bags over their heads out of embarrassment. To add insult to injury, ESPN has announced that it will cut back on how many […]

Carmelo Anthony just released an epic  new video for Footlocker and the Jordan brand to promote their “23 Days Of Flight” campaign. In the clip Lala’s husband is seen arriving at the arena and preparing to take the court when he hears that a new shipment of Jordan shoes has hit the Footlocker and he […]

Who is Landry Fields’ girlfriend? Landry Fields’ girlfriend, Elaine Alden, is actually Landry Fields’ fiancée, as he proposed to the Miami-born model in February 2013. Alden announced her engagement to Fields, a star player for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, via Instagram, posting pictures of both her insanely large diamond ring and the series of photo-booth […]

  The Heat who? Well, that’s what Carmelo Anthony said as he busted their a** in last night’s game, scoring 50 points, the most he’s scored in a single game playing for the Knicks. That 27-game streak The Heat had? It doesn’t faze the superstar one bit. Like any good athlete, he let’s us know […]

Before basketball players were all chummy, chummy there were actual, heated rivalries in the NBA. One of the most   popular face-offs in the 1990’s was between The New York Knicks and The Indiana Pacers, dubbed “Hicks vs The Knicks.” Like on Facebook to stay updated with the latest entertainment news and original interviews! […]

While New York  Knick’s point guard Jeremy Lin is riding high after last night’s defeat of the Lakers, let’s not forget he’s still a brainiac at heart.  The NBA’s first American born Chinese player is an Ivy League graduate, who maintained a 3.1 GPA while attending Harvard University. The talented ball player shows off his […]