Tiger Woods may be god of both the green and greenbacks, but the world’s most recognized golfer has had a hit or miss record when it comes to his own video game franchiseLast year’s model lacked a genuine personality to offset touchy controls, so-so online play and gave absolutely nothing new for the Tiger Woods experience. This go-’round, Earl’s baby boy and EA Sports make the gaming world proud.

The controls are the first noticeable tweak on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 that get some instant feedback. A smoothly designed, real-time swing animation and feedback, gives gamers an accurate way of gauging how much power the want to use and where they want to place the ball at on the green. The user-friendly controls make having to have that perfect swing less punishable if not correctly done. In 2009, you can learn how to straighten your swing or even compensate for a lack of one by adjusting your aim with the press of a button.

There are 16 golf courses, which is the same as last year, but the new courses won’t make up for the lack of downloadable content for more courses. WentworthSheshan, Wolf Creek and Bay Hill are recent additions to compliment the excellent placement ofThe Gary Player Country Club in South Africa. As you earn money playing on the PGA Tour, going up against new faces such as, Se Ri Pak and Darren Clarke, you also have other events like driving the ball a certain number of yards, getting a particular score and more in the Tiger Challenge mode.

You can then use the cash to buy gear or increase you skill attributes. A huge downside is that you can’t skip the turns for the CPU golfers. With the same number of courses as last year, you’ll have to filter through some ridonkulously easy to impossibly difficult shots for the best experience. But even if you don’t feel like searching, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 newest announcers will have you channel surfing for the real thing, as they’re just as bland as the old ones.

But it’s not all droll and humdrumness, this game’s improved gamernet integration and four-play simultaneous play makes this a fun and extremely addictive game to play. Now, if only Hello, Beautiful and The Urban Daily can put some money down on a tournament, that’s when the fun would really begin.

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