Fresh off of house arrest, Gucci Mane is ready to get back to business.

Just days after getting the ankle monitor off his leg, the rapper has plans to get his forthcoming clothing line, “Delantic,” off the ground.

Gucci’s business partner and 300 Management co-founder Todd Moscowitz says the line will be somewhere between legendary street brand Supreme and the uber exclusive Vetements. More than anything, he just wants to do something different.

We just trying to make a super-duper dope clothing line. Exclusive. Super trend. Super hip. Well made. Well crafted. Something that you be proud to spend your money on, and when you get it you really got a collectors item. I don’t want to do what everyone else does,” he told GQ. “What can we do to make ours better?

Aside from his clothing endeavors, Gucci wants to step up the way he dresses with a few tailored pieces. The possibility of the 36-year-old rocking suits is real.

“I wanna start wearing some stuff I haven’t been traditionally wearing. I wanna try some stuff, you know, go for a mature, tailored look. I wanna give people what they don’t expect me to wear,” he said.

And now that he’s lost some weight, his range of fashion has spanned even further.

I was trying to lose weight because I wanted to wear stuff that I couldn’t fit in. I love clothes. So it’s just motivating me to stay healthy, stay in shape. Because fashion is so intertwined with music right now. Everybody loves to be sharp, man, it helps your confidence,” he concluded.

Read the rest of Gucci Mane’s interview with GQ here.



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